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"The arrival of EVE'S Ring, Gamma Sterilized,
has led to a qualitative     improvement in India's Population Control Programme."

    EVE'S Ring

EVE'S Ring

      EVE’S Ring is the first silicone band. (also known as  the  Silastic* band)  in. the world to qualify the IS 13009 :.1990 at  the   world   renowned    prestigious. National   Centre   For    Technological. Evaluation of IUDs  and  Tubal Rings  in. March 1993..

    The Centre has been established at the Centre for Bio-Medical Engineering , of the world famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India, under UNFPA aid & support.

EVE’S Ring were first approved by the Indian Government and are being widely used in the National Family Welfare Programme of India.

    advantage EVE'S Ring

bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   Superior Quality
bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   Wider Acceptance Tubal Ring Ligation
bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   Significant reduction in breakage and slippage
bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   Smooth recovery of ring after Ligation i.e. less trauma to Fallopian tubes
bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   Gamma Irradiated……no gas residuals as in ETO
bullet2.gif (915 bytes)   User-friendly high-performance peel openable Tyvek** pack

The mechanical characteristics, within defined limits have ensured that there is no more problem of ring breakage and slippage.

* A registered trade mark of Dow Corning, USA
** A registered trade mark of Du Pont, USA