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We are glad to introduce ourselves as manufacturers & exporters of EVE'S make premium quality contraceptive devices, with wider choices for Spacing and long term contraceptive methods. Our range of products for International Sales includes the following:-

EVE'S Tubal Ring, Gamma Sterilized (Used for Laparoscopic Female Sterilization, Long Term Method).

  • EVE'S Copper T 380 A, Gamma Sterilized 
    (Effective Contraception : 10 Years).

  • EVE'S Cu375, Gamma Sterilized 
    (Effective Contraception : 5 Years).

  • EVE'S Guide, Assist Device for Tubal Ring Sterilization. 

  • EVE'S Dilator, Assist Device for Tubal Ring Sterilization. 

    Ours is a professionally managed Company with a team of the expert scientist and management executives of highest caliber available in this field, today. Manufacturing of all these products is done at our latest manufacturing facilities equipped with Hi-Tech machines and systems. Large production runs and cost effective manufacturing technologies, makes our products very low priced with superior quality that anyone else can offer. Today, we are one of the largest manufacturers & sellers to various Governments / NGOs / Institutions Internationally.



EVE'S Ring

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